Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Is Syria serious about peace with Israel?: "The revival of the Syrian-Israeli track of the Middle East peace process could help deflect the intense pressure Syria is facing from the international community over its policies toward neighboring Lebanon and Iran."

This is a classic example of the kind of newspeak that Chomsky has often commented on: 'International Community' means the US (+Israel, or some other client state). The rest of the world is opposed. The reality is that according to Avnery, Syria (and the PLO) would 'sign on the spot' if offered the same terms that Sadat was offered, ie every inch of their territory. The correct narrative is that the isolated states of Israel and the US are the barriers to peace in the Middle East, in that they continually reject the terms of an acceptable peace. The motive is in Israel the Zionist madness, that they can continue indefinitely to expel or kill Arabs and colonise more Arab land; and in the US that Israel is a useful client state adjoining the world's energy reserves.

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