Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pew Global Survey: Additional Findings and Analyses: A Year After Iraq War: Fascinating survey results show the extent to which US credibility is broken worldwide. Some of the more interesting results: Majorities in every country except the US think the Iraq war has hurt the 'war on terrorism' rather than helped; majorities in France, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Pakistan believe British and US leaders lied about Iraqi WMDs (instead of being misled by their advisors); majorities in France, Germany, Turkey and Pakistan do not believe the US led war on terrorism is a sincere effort to reduce international terrorism; majorities in Russia, France, Germany, Pakistan and Turkey believe US motives are to control Mideast oil; France, Pakistan and Turkey believe the US aims to dominate the globe. And so on and so on.

The disastrous image of the US could be put down to a few factors: the breaking down of the propaganda machine (the internet has played a role here); the blatant nature of the Iraqi aggression combined with obvious lying; the deliberate disdain on the part of Bush for diplomacy; the ripping off of the mask by Bush and the neocons as they openly embrace goals of imperialism and domination.

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