Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Fragging" and "Combat Refusals" in Vietnam: "When one American killed another American, usually a superior officer or an NCO, the term 'fragging' came into use. Although the term simply meant that a fragmentation grenade was used in the murder, it later became an all encompassing term for such an action. It is known that 'fraggings' did occur during Vietnam, but the precise number is uncertain. 'During the years of 1969 down to 1973, we have the rise of fragging - that is, shooting or hand-grenading your NCO or your officer who orders you out into the field,' says historian Terry Anderson of Texas A & M University. 'The US Army itself does not know exactly how many...officers were murdered. But they know at least 600 were murdered, and then they have another 1400 that died mysteriously. "

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