Monday, May 05, 2003

US Soldiers fear 'Afghan Vietnam'
'The number of American service personnel who have died in Afghanistan since operation Enduring Freedom began in October 2001 is now 30. But not a single soldier was killed as the result of hostile action in the first three months of the main offensive. Recently the frequency of casualties has risen ominously, and in April alone four soldiers were killed.'

'Instead of neighbouring China, which gave help to the Vietnamese, there is Pakistan, whose government is either unable or unwilling to prevent its wild border territory from providing safe havens for al-Qaeda. Washington is talking about pulling out its troops next year. But the situation will have to improve dramatically if it is not to find itself mired as it was in Vietnam for 10 years, according to analysts... The US insists it is winning and intends to stay. The question, however, is how long it is willing to see the death toll mount from a guerrilla war many experts believe it is incapable of winning.'

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