Saturday, May 03, 2003

U.S. Miscalculates in Iraq
'If one were to believe the Bush administration and the ''defense intellectuals,'' the United States would soon establish a democratic Iraq. But the marching and shouting Shiites wanted America to go home and let them establish their own Iraq: an Islamic state like Iran. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be at all. The Iraqi people were supposed to be celebrating their liberation--especially the Shiites, who had been oppressed during Saddam Hussein's brutal reign. Now the leaders of the religious majority were demonstrating against us, without any hint of gratitude for their liberation.'

Common Dreams is a good website, collecting as it does progressive articles published in the American media. But its weakness is the perpetuation of media myths and misunderstandings, such as the above. It has been clear since at least Gulf War 1 that a 'democractic' regime in Iraq would be dominated by the majority Shiites aligned with Iran, this is precisely the reason Bush 1 allowed Saddam to crush the rebellion and remain in power. The American preference is and has always been for an 'iron fisted junta' aligned with the US (without Saddam, or with him when he was obedient). Rumsfeld has clearly announced that a Shiite ('fundamentalist') Iraq is unacceptable to America, so no one should have any illusions about the course of events and the type of regime that America will impose on Iraq.

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