Saturday, May 10, 2003

U.S. to Propose Broader Control Of Iraqi Oil, Funds
'The proposal would give the United States far greater authority over Iraq's lucrative oil industry than administration officials have previously acknowledged... the United States and its allies would control the political and economic life of Iraq until an internationally recognized Iraqi government emerges... its authority would be automatically renewed each year until the Security Council decided to end it. The resolution would leave open the prospect of the United States tapping into Iraq's oil revenue to finance its own costly efforts to disarm Iraq... The scope and duration of U.S. control over Iraq's oil outlined in the draft resolution goes well beyond previous administration statements'

The US is pouring on the pressure and this draft resolution is a test of European resolve. French, German and Russian opposition to the US was outstanding ahead of the war, but how far are they prepared to wage the international diplomatic and political battle now that the US is the victorious occupier of Iraq? It is a campaign over years and decades that must retain the support of the public.

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