Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Report on draconian, police-state reaction to assasination of Serbian PM
'In a purge worthy of the counter-revolutionary conspiracies “discovered” under Stalin, and parodied so perfectly in George Orwell’s novels, the Serbian government announced on 29th March, without a trace of irony, that it had arrested “1,984 people” in connection with the assassination.'

'The Western powers are giving their support to a crackdown, and to mass arrests, the likes of which would never have been tolerated or even contemplated under the man they call a dictator, Miloševic, whose period in office was characterised by untrammelled opposition activity both within the normal political process and in the media. There is now, by contrast, no effective political or media opposition in Serbia, and anyone even suspected of sympathising with them is liable to be locked up.'

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