Friday, May 09, 2003

The Myth of the Spat-Upon Veteran
'Lembcke was not able to find a single photograph, news story, or FBI report of veterans being spat upon (remember, the FBI did obsessive surveillance of the peace movements). He tried to track down individuals who said they had been spat upon or witnessed it, but they "dissolved on scrutiny" and others "betrayed lack of authenticity"—which, I assume, means they lied.'

This interesting article shows the whole thing seems to be nothing more than a conservative/Hollywood myth. Naturally this raises the question in Australia as to whether Vietnam vets were spat upon by anti-war people or otherwise attacked after returning home. What would a search of Australian reports of the time reveal? Perhaps it is every bit as mythical as the 'anti-war protest on Anzac day' and the notion that 'protestors dont support the troops.'

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