Monday, May 05, 2003

Monbiot: Land Reform, Mugabe and Racism
George Monbiot points out the double standards, hypocrisy and white racism of western reporting on Mugabe and Zimbabwe.

'Some of the articles in the Telegraph may as well have been headlined "The plucky men and women holding darkest Africa at bay". Readers are led to conclude that Ian Smith was right all along: the only people who know how to run Africa are the whites... The governments of the rich world don't like land reform. It requires state intervention, which offends the god of free markets, and it hurts big farmers and the companies which supply them. Indeed, it was Britain's refusal either to permit or to fund an adequate reform programme in Zimbabwe which created the political opportunities Mugabe has so ruthlessly exploited. The Lancaster House agreement gave the state to the black people but the nation to the whites. Mugabe manipulates the genuine frustrations of a dispossessed people. The president of Zimbabwe is a very minor devil in the hellish politics of land and food.'

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