Wednesday, May 14, 2003

France sets conditions for UKUSA draft UN resolution on Iraq
'[French Foreign Minister Villepin] proposed a "strict, reasonable" deadline be set for ending the occupation of Iraq and that any extension should be agreed by the Security Council, which in turn should receive quarterly reports on the progress of reconstruction. Villepin also said the United Nations was better placed than the United States and Britain alone to confer legitimacy on any new Iraqi administration. "The principles and political conditions (for a new administration) must be clearly established in the draft resolution so that the process is above reproach," he said.

'Villepin said the current draft was not clear enough on how revenues from Iraq's oil reserves -- the second largest in the world after those of Saudi Arabia -- would be exploited. "We have to establish rules for sharing oil revenues and ensuring that the management is placed under international and uncontested control," he said.'

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