Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Claire Short resigns (finally) from Blair cabinet: Commons speech
'[The UK] is supporting the US in trying to bully the Security Council into a resolution that gives the coalition the power to establish an Iraqi government and control the use of oil for reconstruction with only a minor role for the UN. This resolution is unlikely to pass but if it does it will not create the best arrangements for the reconstruction of Iraq. The draft resolution risks continuing international divisions, Iraqi resentment against the occupying powers and the possibility that the coalition will get bogged down in Iraq. I believe the UK could and should have respected the Attorney General's advice, told the US this was a red line for us and worked for international agreement to a proper UN-led process to establish an interim Iraqi government, just as was done in Afghanistan. This would have been an honourable and wise role for the UK and the international community would have united around this position. It's also in the best interests of the US.'

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