Monday, May 05, 2003

Bloodshed and Bullets Fuel Rising Hatred of Americans
'A crowd gathered outside the al-Ani's house last week, demanding that the Americans leave the school over the road so that children can return. The military opened fire, killing 13 and wounding some 35; they claimed they were shot at first. But even if shots were aimed at them, the response was not only into the crowd; they pummeled the street, house by house, with a mighty volley and shot at occupants as they appeared in doorways.

'Each of the brothers came out in turn to try and help their families and were each targeted and shot. Walid was killed and the two others wounded, along with their mother, Mufina, and her daughter-in-law, Eptisan al-Ani. In a few minutes, said Eptisan's husband, Muthana, now in the hospital bed opposite his brother, 'our family is destroyed'. The family taxi is in Osama's front yard, looking like a cheese-grater - 38 rounds to the metalwork alone... Fallujah is now festooned with banners in Arabic and English reading: 'Go Out From Our City. If Refuse We Will Kill You. Because You Are Come Here For Petrol Not for Freedom.' '

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