Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Torvalds rejects GPLv3: "Torvalds ' who insists on calling his software 'open' to make a distinction from, and avoid association with, 'free software' advocates ' said the discussions of GPLv3 have not allowed for real opposition. He also criticized an earlier version of the GPLv3, calling it a 'crusade.'"

Plainly Torvalds doesnt care about 'free software' or the GPL. In which case he simply doesnt get it. Its not about Torvalds, 'Linux' or 'open' software, its about freedom, Stallman and the GPL.

There are some harsh comments about Torvalds on Slashdot, perhaps not unjustified:

"Linus' problem is that he never really agreed with these ideals [freedom]. He originally licensed Linux as free for non-commerical use, but then released it under the GPL as a result of pressure from the community. Linus calls himself a pragmatist, which is a polite way of saying socially short-sighted.... Linus' view is the equivalent of saying 'Why should we want to outlaw slavery? I'm not a slave.'"

"Linus is becoming less and less relevant as time goes by."

"It makes me sad to see Linus' mind rotting like this but I can't support that attitude in any way."

"Clearly Linus has sold out.... He doesn't care, all the evidence suggests that Linus became a whore turning tricks for corporate masters a long time ago. This public outcry against pro-consumer/modder yet anti-profiteer clauses of the GPLv3 can only be the result of payoffs from corporate masters. It isn't really suprising that Linus has sold out, who knows, maybe any of us would do it in his position. But there is no reason the community has to support him in this."

There seems to be an interminable debate among software developers between the free software advocates (Stallman & co) and those who 'dont get it' (Torvalds & co). Stallman needs political support.

It seems people should stop going to Torvalds for philosophical comment, and also stop calling it 'Linux'. Call it unix or ubuntu and be done with it. Torvalds is a programmer, not a leader.

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