Friday, August 04, 2006

Stop For The Sake Of Stopping: "I couldn't believe it when George Bush, talking about Israel's attack on Lebanon, said he was against 'stopping for the sake of stopping.'"

These are so tiresome, these sourceless and referenceless articles, modelled presumably on the 'op-ed' tradition in American newspaper journalism.

As if anybody could seriously be 'surprised' at bush's attitude. It is the US that vetoed a UN Security Council resolution of 13 July calling for an immediate ceasefire, and then proceeded to re-supply the Israeli airforce their depleted bombs and fuel, in addition to already being the single biggest US recipient of diplomatic, financial and weapons aid. What does that tell you?

The official US policy is 'sustainable ceasefire' (unrestricted warfare).

Critics of government policy must express the reality and document it: that is, deconstruct the lies and document the reality. Instead of the miserable kissinger alternative of 'formulating what people think'.

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