Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Syria, Iran hail Hezbollah 'victory': "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Hezbollah's 'victory' in the recent war with Israel has destroyed US plans to reshape the Middle East.

"Iran's President has also praised Hezbollah's resistance to Israel during a month-long conflict in Lebanon, saying the United States and Britain should pay compensation for war damage.

"Syria, a key Hezbollah ally, wants the Lebanon war to lead to a comprehensive peace settlement that addresses what it regards as the root of instability - Israeli occupation of Arab land, including the Syrian Golan Heights.

"Mr Assad has also aimed sharp criticism at Israel and says peace in the Middle East will remain elusive for the foreseeable future.

"'Their 'New Middle East', based on subjugation and humiliation, and denial of rights and identity, has turned into an illusion,' Mr Assad said in reference to the US's goal of helping to shape what it calls a new, democratic Middle East. It is evident that after six years of this [US] administration that there is no peace and there will be none in the foreseeable future.'

"Mr Assad, 40, who is shaped by his late father's lifetime of struggle against Israel, says the Jewish state must return Arab land it has occupied since 1967, or face more insecurity. 'The Israeli leadership ... is in front of an historic crossroads. Either it moves toward peace and gives back rights or face constant instability until an (Arab) generation comes and puts an end to the issue,' he said."

I'm no fan of the Assad dictatorship, or any dictatorship, but as is so often the case, countries under the gun can speak with more integrity and credibility than the heads of government of the arrogant, hubristic, disgraced and discredited Western imperialist powers.

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Douglas said...

Hezbollah's Victory, Harper Take Note
Israel has lost the war with Hezbollah and has only accomplished killing innocent civilians and loosing a few of there own. American media stand by the story that Hezbollah started this war by kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers but we know that the kidnapping of Lebanon civilians by Israel took place first. Israel took the first shot, and have been the aggressor of Arab people in the middle east the day you became a nation by taking over land that belonged to the Palestine people. Why couldn't you take Germany after the war , or even Alaska as the promised land?George Bush said Israel say they won victory in this war, If he means killing innocent women and children and destroying Lebanon's infrastructure, then I view Israel of accomplishing nothing more than war crime against humanity. I am relieved and happy the United Nations has worked hard to stop this war and I commend those nations who worked for peace and an end of this aggression by two terrorist groups Israel and Hezbollah. Hezbollah are the victors but at such a high cost to civilians on both sides. I would like to see Arab nations including Iran and Syria to take an active role at resolving the problems in this area. I would like to see USA, and Briton stay out of harms way by allowing United Nations and Arab Nations resolve the tension in this part of the world. In other words, Go Home and Stay away! Canada should reverse there view of Hezbollah as a recognized terrorist group and get back to being neutral as a peace keeping nation. Stop kissing Bush Butt and listen to Canadians wishes involving the Middle East, Afghanistan. You are a government of Canada, not a Mulroney like kiss ass to the Bush Administration. And don't even consider a performance of a 9/11 style attack here on Canadian soil. There's way too many intelligent voters here that can see the truth. It would be political suicide for the Conservative party not to listen to all Canadians on foreign affairs, Past P.Cs have seen this first hand when you zone out Canadian wishes and serve cooperation's and powerful rich, Its the voters like myself who gave you the job, not the money lenders to your party.
Its your turn to prove to Canadians , that you deserve to be our leader, Don't let us down.