Monday, August 07, 2006

LEBANON: Israeli terrorism: "Three days after Israel’s “justice” minister, Haim Ramon, told Israeli Army Radio on July 27 that “everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist”"

This is the sort to thing that needs to be thoroughly documented, and then followed up. I mean date, time, name of program; transcript and audio if possible. And then the Minister and Government questioned about the statement.

Could he really have said such a thing? You know what that means? What they do to 'terrorists'? This means that the Israeli Government is openly proclaiming its intention to either kill or ethnically cleanse the entire population - men, women, children, old, sick, disabled. A major war crime.

Some say the Israeli plan is to ethnically cleanse southern Lebanon, colonise it with Jews, and annex it to Israel. This cant be, surely?

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