Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Review of Medialens' 'Guardians of Power': "The authors conclude by arguing that a corporate-media system whose prime motivation is the increment of profit will always fall in line with the ideology of the state and business sector, of which it is part. While they argue that it is possible to influence and pressurise journalists' performance, this does not resolve the central issue of the media's structural flaws. Yet for Edwards and Cromwell, democratic and compassionate media are already beginning to have some considerable influence. They cite the example of South Korea where the Internet has played a fundamental role in that country's recent democratic opening. For the first time ordinary people have access to insightful and brilliant journalism from all over the world. Many 'alternative' media organisations, like Z Magazine and its web counterpart ZNet, are non-profit and don't advertise yet produce excellent articles challenging Thatcher's maxim that 'there is no alternative.' Such organisations are becoming increasingly influential and important for those sick and tired of the mainstream acquiescence to elite interests."

Somehow the broad masses of the public have to come to realise that corporate journalism is not information but propaganda comparable (but different) to Pravda and Goebbels' Ministry of Progaganda. 'Alternative', non-profit, principled reporting has to become the mainstream.

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