Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nuclear debate a diversion: Garrett: "'The prime minister's creating one his great false debates, flying kites, making mischief, and covering up for the fact that he's done absolutely zip on climate change - nothing in the budget for it,' Mr Garrett told ABC radio.

"'(He) abolishes the Australian Greenhouse Office. We've seen half a billion dollars worth of investment in wind farms and alternative technologies go overseas because of this government's lack of action. 'The prime minister comes back from America as a nukes enthusiast, but he's just clouding the debate and covering his own deficiencies.... more importantly, why isn't this government investing in technologies that are good for the country?'"

Since when did Howard, who joined with Bush in refusing to sign the Kyoto treaty and invading Iraq, care about global warming? There's a suggestion that its a tactic to divide the Labor party, which looks likely to succeed with its rudderless leadership and lack of commitment.

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