Thursday, May 11, 2006


Principles of Geonomics (does this come before the review, or after, as a summary?)

Definition of Geonomics - rule or law or management of the earth: an explicitly global or environmental discipline which replaces economics, the management of the household (land, slaves/ labor, capital) or the firm.

Humans, Resources, Production, Products, Capital.

Theory of Value - economy of effort. Exchange including credit at equal value.

Space, Time, Toil

Rent, Wages, Interest: Money/Credit and 'the economy.' Self-ordered allocation ('invisible hand').

The function of government is to collect the rent and invest in the earth. The word invest is used advisedly: invest with a view to return - higher revenues. Physical Infrastructure (right of way): transport, water, sewer, power, communications. Social infrastructure: justice, health, education, pension. And last but not least: the environment or the earth itself.

Physical infrastructure is a necessity that must not be neglected. It has first call on revenue, ahead even of social infrastructure (except justice). Social infrastructure is a function of wealth and abundance.

Conquest and enslavement: Land Monopoly (optional slavery).

Robbery through taking of man, product, or land. Exploitation, unearned income.

Kapital: 'capitalised or exchange value of politically created unearned income'.

Alienation of the physical product, reduced production, wasteful or luxurious consumption, land and financial speculation and manipulation.

Summarise in the Geonomic Table - Healthy and Sick (Land Monopoly)

Review of Economic Theory - Aristotle (Oikos nomos, 2 uses), Quesnay, Ricardo, Marx, George, NCE (Gaffney), Pearce.

Integration of Geonomics with Political and other Philosophy - Liberalism, anarchism, socialism, environmentalism.

Geonomics and Geopolitics - Dialectical Materialism and False and True Consciousness (Marx, Hegel)

Review of current situation - hegemony and global military, fiscal, financial, political and environmental collapse. (Chomsky, Hudson).

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