Monday, May 08, 2006

Blair clings to power and sacks Jack Straw: "Jack Straw made two crucial mistakes in his dealings with Tony Blair: one involved the prime minister's relationship with Gordon Brown and the other Iran. Mr Straw has said repeatedly that it is 'inconceivable' that there will be a military strike on Iran and last month dismissed as 'nuts' a report that George Bush was keeping on the table the option of using tactical nuclear weapons against Tehran's nuclear plants. But Mr Blair, who sees Iran as the world's biggest threat, does not agree with his former foreign secretary.... Downing Street phoned the Foreign Office several times to suggest Mr Straw stop going on the BBC Today programme and ruling it out so categorically. His fate was sealed when the White House called Mr Blair and asked why the foreign secretary kept saying these things."

My God they have got to get rid of that disastrous conman, liar and war criminal Blair sooner rather than later. How could he possibly hang on so long?

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