Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Time to cut and run: Beazley: "The US, Australia and its allies must now seriously consider pulling their forces out of Iraq, because their presence is undermining the chances of peace in the country, the Federal Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley, has said.... Mr Beazley said foreign forces - including Australian troops - were causing more problems than they were solving.... he said the foreign military occupation in Iraq was attracting a seemingly never-ending stream of insurgents to Iraq from around the world, ensuring continuing bloodshed and instability."

Beazley might have said BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW but that would be too much. He might also have said that Australian troops in Iraq are actually increasing the risk of terrorist attack in Australia, not reducing it, but of course that would also be too much. But at least he 'hints' that maybe the troops might have to come home, after just about every Tom, Dick and Harry analyst agree that the US has basically lost the war.

The Government position, of course, can only be described as servile to empire, as servile, thoughtless, dated and inappropriate as the commitment of an entire Australian division to the incompetently handled disaster of Singapore. Listen to the comments of the Defence Minister, or anything said by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and tell me they put any thought whatever into the policy other than to learn the US position and adopt it automatically: "[Defence Minister] Hill said a wholesale troop withdrawal would be a huge propaganda victory for al-Qaeda. "To withdraw from Iraq prematurely would be to give victory to the terrorists, which would be detrimental to Australian security and our broader interests."

The Greens have consistently been calling for the troops to come home and for renewable energy to be developed as a high priority. The Greens and the antiwar movement in general have been 100% correct on this wretched, criminal, illegal, imperialist, colonialist, murdering, torturing resource-grabbing war from the beginning, but that will scarcely be acknowledged by either the corporate media or mainstream politics.

Imagine where we would be if the war had been the easy and profitable succcess that its sponsors and promoters expected it to be. John Pilger has a point when he says the world is dependent on the resistance to end the occupation. To our shame, Anglo-saxon democracy has failed to prevent the aggression of our own governments and so the slaughtered people of Iraq have to pay with their lives in order to check ruthless imperialism.

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