Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Premier Gallup resigns due to depression.: "After the Gallipoli defeat in 1915, [Churchill] felt suicidal because his political career seemed to be finished."

The saddest thing about this anecdote is that it is quite likely entirely true. What about the 253,000 Turkish dead, or the 47,000 French and 8,000 Australian dead? Or even the 205,000 British dead? No, Churchill is depressed and suicidal because "his political career is finished." It would make you laugh if it wasn't so tragic. And Churchill is of course universally acclaimed as one of the greatest democractic leaders ever. Let's not ever kid ourselves about paramount values. Bush and Blair could kill hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of brown people in the middle east, and a good few thousand of their own white people as well, but nothing would be remotely so hurtful as loss of power because the invasion failed.

Because of this characteristic of human nature, what is one to do about war? Ultimately, the only way to stop it is to abolish armies. Universal multilateral disarmament is essential, because if an army exists, it will be used.

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