Sunday, January 08, 2006

American Jackals: United for Imperialism: 17 current and former US Secretaries of State and Defence line up to support Bush's imperialist war on the Middle East. Would one of these persons have ever considered whether or not they should decline the President's offer to appear? Did any living SecDefence or SecState decline the invitation, or does Bush have every living one, including all the Democrats? The only former Presidential cabinet minister I can think of who has taken anything like a principled stand against imperialism and militarism is former Attorney-General Ramsay Clark. Are there any others?

In a single photograph, the crisis of American empire and American democracy is symbolised. Just as the US faces the possibility of a most serious strategic defeat in the Gulf region, all these officials are unashamed to be associated in a servile manner with a combination of delusion and criminality as seen in Bush's speech to the occasion:

"Not everybody around this table agree with my decision to go into Iraq, I fully understand that. But these are good solid Americans who understand that we've got to succeed now that we're there."

Hello to Bush and the jackals: Not only was the decision to invade stupid, wrong and criminal, you've gone ahead and lost the war thus creating 'the greatest strategic disaster in the history of the United States'. The question now is not whether you 'succeed' in Iraq, but whether you succeed in destroying the American democracy and economy back home.

Sometimes these old guys such as Schlesinger and Madelaine 'we think the price is acceptable' Albright appear on programs like the McNeil Newshour, struggling to project US credibility, competence and integrity. They give a good impression of being old nazis who history has passed by.

Meantime al-Qaida no.2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, taunts Bush with defeat in Iraq: "I congratulate my nation and bless Islam's victory in Iraq. Oh my Muslim brothers, I told you more than a year ago that the pullout of America's troops from Iraq would be a matter of time and Americans are now begging to leave and negotiate with the mujahidin.

"Bush, the liar, was forced to announce in November 2005 that he would withdraw his troops from Iraq. Since Bush is addicted to lying, he justified his withdrawal by saying that Iraqi forces have become well-trained. But he did not set a timetable for the pullout. If your forces with all its aircraft, missiles, tanks and fleets are moaning, bleeding and looking for an escape from Iraq, then will the hypocrites, conspirators, infidels [the Iraqi government] resist what the 'greatest power in the world' has failed to resist?

"The timetable of withdrawal was set a long time ago and you [Bush] have to confess that you have been defeated in Iraq as you have been defeated in Afghanistan and will be shortly defeated in Palestine if Allah's willing."

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