Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The self-expanding character of Zionist hubris: Evan Jones posts again on Zionism and attracts some furious trolls hell bent on pushing Israeli state propaganda (or on bringing Israel into contempt and disrepute, sometimes with these people its hard to tell which). One anonymous person writes:

"Regrettably, the Palestinians idea of a just settlement, is a Palestinian MUSLIM state from coast to coast, with no Israel whatsoever. Therein lies the problem."

This is the standard allegation, that Israel has no peace partner, that Palestinians are just mad killers who will only settle for the annihilation of Israel and Jews. But according to Uri Avnery (talking about Camp David and the 'generous offer'), "Sadat got all his territory back, to the very last centimeter. Arafat would have easily agreed to the same terms - as would have Assad."

Avnery also speculates that "At Camp David [Barak] got to the point were the real terms of the solution became apparent to him. These conflicted with all his traditional Zionist convictions, causing a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Consequently, like a person looking into an abyss, he drew back in panic at the last moment. This is the cause of his "freaking out" incident in Camp David. This is also the reason for his calling off the Taba talks unilaterally, on the eve of the final breakthrough."

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