Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'Staggering Mass Slaughter' - the Fortieth Anniversary: In an earlier post, I remembered this forgotten event. Two more articles linked here help the remembering.

John Pilger has another article on the Suharto massacre, which gives more details of the way in which Britain, Australia and the US were complicit. The story is little known in the West. It is remarkable, almost unbelievable. Pilger does not give any notes. He should. One of the great merits of Chomsky is that he gives sources and references for almost everything. This is the only way truth can fight back against the avalanche of lies.

Clinton Fernandes has a somewhat lengthier article, and this one with footnotes.

Another untold part of the story is the use of Islamic groups in Indonesia to help carry out the massacre, and thus the enduring relations between the military and the Islamic groups, up to the more recent terrorist actions.

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