Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nobel Prize winner for Literature Harold Pinter bashes the warmongers: Some choice quotes:

"Here they go again,
The Yanks in their armored parade
Chanting their ballads of joy
As they gallop across the big world
Praising America's God."

"There's no escape.
The big pricks are out.
They'll fuck everything in sight.
Watch your back."

"What the U.S. is doing is perfectly simple. It's asserting what it conceives to be its spiritual destiny: 'I am God: get out of my fucking way.' This stink is with us forever."

"I've been taken to task recently by the American ambassador to Britain for calling the U.S. administration a bloodthirsty wild animal. All I can say is: take a look at Donald Rumsfeld's face and the case is made. I believe that not only is this contemplated act criminal, malevolent and barbaric, it also contains within itself a palpable joy in destruction. Power, as has often been remarked, is the great aphrodisiac, and so, it would seem, is the death of others.

"The Americans have the ostensible support of the 'international community' through various sure-fire modes of intimidation: bullying, bribery, blackmail and bullshit. The 'international community' becomes a degraded entity bludgeoned into the service of a brutal military force out of control. The most despicable position is that of course of this country which pretends to stand shoulder to shoulder with its great ally while in fact being more of a whipped dog than anyone else. We are demeaned, undermined and dishonored by our government's contemptible subservience to the United States."

"Iraq is just a symbol of the attitude of Western democracies to the rest of the world."

"Hallelullah! It works.
We blew the shit out of them. We blew the shit right back up their own ass
And out their fucking ears.
It works. We blew the shit out of them. They suffocated in their own shit!
Hallelullah. Praise the Lord for all good things. We blew them into fucking shit.
They are eating it. Praise the Lord for all good things.
We blew their balls into shards of dust,
Into shards of fucking dust. We did it.
Now I want you to come over here and kiss me on the mouth."

Sing it brother. Pinter expresses the enormous disgust, anger and contempt felt by many people around the world for the proven liars and war criminals Bush, Blair and Howard, and their criminally stupid policies.

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'Thought & Humor' said...

Guess what liberal
said this: I was in a
tiny village in Tepoztlan
in Mexico on the 17th
of September, 1985,
and I had a vision-like
experience climbing
a mountain there on
the top of which is
a temple to the
Christ figure,
And one of these
little UFOs came
over that mountain,
and I was signaled
from a group of persons
to come, and I was
beamed up into that
small vehicle and carried
to a larger vehicle where
I heard the voice of my
leader and teacher, the
Honorable Elijah
Mohammed saying
these words to me...
(Minister Farrakhan)

The left just seems to get
more excited about anything
when death is on the table.
I don't know what it is, whether
it's disaster death or war death
or society deciding we're going
to off some of our fellow citizens,
they get ginned up about it, really
get excited about the death aspect.
But, but, you start talking about life
and somehow they just don't have
as much interest in that, as though
it is enlightened to understand that
it's some people's duty to die and
get out of the way, and that not
everybody has a right to life. It
depends on what somebody
else wants. So I am continually
amazed at the left.