Sunday, October 02, 2005

Evan Jones on the latest Bali bombing: "We grieve again and again for the death of innocents. And yet we continue to vote criminals into office."

4 comments: said...

Innocents are killed and injured no matter who is in office. When God himself ruled in heaven, a third of the angels rebelled: this was the beginning of all injury to innocents.

Good behavior and decency to one's fellow man comes from individuals. Government is not and cannot be the source.

Bernard said...

Governments can do a lot of harm, however, and it is we the people who must check our own governments. For example, the illegal and criminal aggression on Iraq slaughtered at least 100,000 innocent people (Lancet), mostly women and children, mostly by the unpunished warcrime of airpower. Bush, Blair and Howard are proven liars and warcriminals, and yet, amazingly, they were all re-elected.

jeffreyameyer said...

Their reelection was the will of the majority of the voters. Your view of what constitutes a war crime is a minority view in those three nations. And you are free to continue to harp about it. This is what government by the people is. The only thing worse than government by the people is any other form of government.

As per my prior post, even a government run by the ideal embodiment of selfless love and wisdom, was rejected by a third of its citizens. So, your dissenting opinion, is not without precedent.

Further, the US acted within US laws. I presume that UK and Australia acted within their laws. Whose laws are you saying were broken?

I can agree that the war was not wise. But I do not see how it was illegal.

Bernard said...

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan himself publicly said the war was illegal according to international law. Military action can only be legal either in the face of imminent or actual attack, or when approved by the Security Council. Let's face it, the 'case' (WMD, terror links) for the war has been about the biggest crock since Hitler yelled out that Polish soldiers had attacked the Reich in 1939.

In the US constitution signed treaties are the law of the land as well, so the war was illegal according to US law and the US constitution also.