Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Remembering one of the 20th century's worst massacres, the unpunished crimes of 1965: "Forty years ago this weekend, Indonesia was plunged into the darkest period in its history when Major-General Suharto unleashed a wave of mass killings regarded among the worst of the 20th century."

Dennis Byrne has some personal perspective on what has been described as a staggering mass slaughter. John Pilger has stated that there exist in Bali mass graves with the remains of 80,000 people. (By comparison, the infamous Babi Yar massacre in the Ukraine, one of the worst of WW11, ended the lives of an estimated 34,000 people). Can Pilger's statement possibly be true? Of the many thousands of Australians who have visited Bali, how many of them have had any suspicion of what lies beneath?

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