Friday, February 25, 2005

Why Are We Welcoming This Torturer?: "George Bush is this week having an extravagantly orchestrated series of meetings with Europe's leaders, designed to show a united front for the creation of democracy around the world. Tony Blair talks of our 'shared values'. No one mentions the word that makes this show a mockery: torture. It is now undeniable that the US administration, at the highest levels, is responsible for the torture that has been routine not only, as seen round the world in iconic photographs, at Abu Ghraib, but at Guantanamo Bay and Bagram. Meanwhile, in prisons in Egypt, Jordan and Syria (and no doubt others we do not know about), Muslim men have been tortured by electric shocks to the genitals, by being kept in water, by being threatened with death - after being flown to those countries by the CIA for that very purpose.

"How can it be that not one mainstream public figure in Europe has denounced these appalling practices and declared that, in view of all we now know of cells, cages, underground bunkers, solitary confinement, sodomy and threatened sodomy, beatings, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, mock executions and kidnapping, President Bush and his officials are not welcome? Perhaps it's not surprising given the British army's own dismal record in southern Iraq. Why has no public figure had the honesty to admit that the democracy and freedom promised for the Middle East are fake and mask US plans to leave Washington dominant in the area? And why does no one say publicly that what is really happening in the 'war on terror' is a war on Muslims that is creating a far more dangerous world for all?"

"The lack of moral courage that prevents our leaders, religious as well as political, from speaking out against all this is deeply disturbing. Either they choose not to know or, by not speaking out, they tacitly condone it."

The 'war on terra' is in reality a war against Muslims for control of the oil. It is a grim foretaste of what is to come as energy reserves deplete around the world and the environment and economy collapses. The unfortunate record of state action throughout history clearly indicates that war and violence ('war abroad and repression at home') will be the most likely response. The people of the world must rise against their own governments to change this and plan a transition to a sustainable society that does not sacrifice human rights nor the hard won achievements of liberal and social democracy.

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