Friday, February 25, 2005

Proportional Representation (Hare-Clark) Analysis of the 2001 Polls for the 40th Australian House of Representatives: This is a link to a detailed analysis of the actual 2001 Federal election result under the existing single-member electorate system and what the result would have been had the Hare-Clark system been in use instead.

Careful consideration of this information shows the serious (and quite typical) flaws of the single-member system, and how much better and fairer the result would be under Hare-Clark. For example, the Liberal/National coalition gained only 43.01% of first preference results, yet they gained 54.67% seats in the House. In South Australia, the coalition won 45.9% of the first preference votes, and yet gained 75% of the seats. In Queensland, Labor won 35% of the first preference votes, but only 26% of the seats.

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