Saturday, February 12, 2005

Biodiesel Group: "Spark-ignition engines that run on gasoline are generally about 40% less efficient than diesel engines."

Based on this figure, a key component of the solution to the energy crisis is a transition from petrol-engined to diesel-engined vehicles. In Australia the price of diesel fuel is roughly 10c/litre more than petrol. One might ask the question why it should not be the other way around, or at least the same price as diesel.

"Enough [algae-derived] biodiesel to replace all petroleum transportation fuels [of the US] could be grown in 15,000 square miles - far less than the 450 million acres currently used for crop farming in the US, and the over 500 million acres used as grazing land for farm animals."

No such biodiesel from algae production exists yet, it is a question of time and scale (assuming the viability of algae-derived biodiesel is proven). Can we produce enough alternative fuel in time to replace the petroleum we are soon to lose?

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