Friday, February 25, 2005

Brits, Yanks, Asleep as Ancient Liberties Fade: "Now, they [British and American people] mostly watch the mindless Reality TV shows or their favorite pro sports events and let the repulsive Neocons and George W. Bush, and his “poodle,” UK’s PM Tony Blair, run their warmongering agendas. Incidentally, where is the national interest in fighting a war in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, Big Oil and the Military-Industrial Complex?

"In the past, if a Brit or Yank were jailed without due process of law, their antagonist would passionately be reminded of historic Runnymede, the Magna Charta, the majestic Common Law, William Blackstone’s brilliant Commentaries, Natural Law and of the supremacy of their Constitutions.... They have always expected the worst from their governments, since they knew human nature is flawed, with a tendency, unless checked, to abuse political power.

"And yet today, law after draconian law, has been placed on the statutory books in both countries that rip the revered “Rights of Englishmen,” the cherished U.S. Constitution, and the hallowed Bill of Rights to shreds. In the U.S., it’s the dreaded USA Patriot Act and related devices, the domestic intelligence agencies created after 9/11, and also the fact that preventive detention is now the law of the land, that are doing the foul deed. (7) And in Queen Elizabeth’s shaky Realm, it’s their “Prevention of Terrorism” law that is the main culprit.... Brits and Yanks have hardly said a word in response to these outrages. Now, this is a revealing fact about the true state of both of these once-spirited peoples."

"The sages insist that, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” In 2005, in the UK and in America, unfortunately, that price hasn’t been paid. And as a result, our ancient liberties and freedoms are fading as never before in our respective histories. In the meantime, the War Parties of both countries are engaged in bloody conflicts that are unjust and immoral and in the interests only of the powerful Wire Pullers (read New World Order) behind the scenes.... Only an awakened citizenry can remedy this alarming situation, which can only get worse unless all people of conscience in the UK and America take effective action to bring it immediately to an end. Remember, we, as a collective, are the root source of the power of our governments. They are merely our agents. And that we, the people, have the right and the solemn duty, when circumstances compel us to do so, to take that power back!"

It is truly remarkable how governments have introduced the methods of tyranny and authoritarianism - official lies, torture, represssion, aggressive war - to so little objection from the citizenry of the Anglo-saxon countries (including Australia).

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