Monday, August 02, 2004

Head of MI6 tried to include 'lies' in WMD report: "His [John Scarlett, head of MI6] suggestions were rejected. But after pressure from the US and Britain, the ISG produced only a bland, 20-page document about the failure of their 1,400-strong team to find any trace of WMD in Iraq, rather than the expected 200-page analysis, The Mail on Sunday said."

"ISG officials were said to be "stunned and dismayed" by the request.The ISG member was quoted as saying: "Inclusion of Scarlett's nuggets would have been grossly manipulative of the truth. Let's face it, he wanted us to include lies. "Everything Scarlett wanted in was based on very old evidence which we had painstakingly investigated and shown to be false," he said."

Scarlett is Blair's man and it is impossible to interpret this as other than desperate manoevres by Blair to save himself by further lying about WMDs.

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