Sunday, August 29, 2004

Chomsky on the two state solution: Chomsky makes a strong argument against the notion of a 'bi-national' state in Palestine, a notion that seems to be gaining currency even though the two-state solution remains the only viable possibility for peace in Palestine. Not only would the whole world, including the population of Israel itself, (but not including the governments of the US and Israel) accept the two-state solution, but the population of Israel would regard a 'bi-national' state as the destruction of Israel and would fight it with everything they had, up to and including nuclear weapons, according to Chomsky.

"Question: As long as the US Government blocks a two-state settlement, it's unlikely to occur. So why do you think the US Government might support a two-state solution?

"Chomsky: For the same reason that I thought at one time that the US government might withdraw from Vietnam, might institute a limited medical care system, might inform the Indonesian generals that they had to withdraw from East Timor, and on, and on. The government might do what organized activist public opinion influences it to do. This happens to be an unusually easy case. About two-thirds of the public supports the so-called Saudi Plan, which calls for Israel to withdraw entirely from the occupied territories. That goes well beyond the Geneva Accords. Similar majorities want US aid to be denied to either party that refuses to enter into negotiations (meaning Israel, for the past several years), and want aid to the two parties to be equalized if they do enter into negotiations (meaning a radical diversion of aid from Israel to Palestinians). Of course, virtually none of this is published, and people are so deprived of relevant information that they probably do not comprehend clearly what they are calling for. But those are the situations in which educational and organizing activities can make an enormous difference."

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