Friday, July 18, 2003

The sinking of SIEV-X: Article by Tony Kevin on what appears to be a crime and scandal of major proportions, which also reveals the mentality of our government leaders. The tragedy shows the real consequences of exploiting racism and xenophobia for political purposes.

"There is now on Marg Hutton's scrupulously accurate website a huge amount of factual information and analysis of the whole SIEV-X-related history, before during and after the sinking, that seen as a whole in my view admits of only one reasonable explanation: that Australian authorities trained, funded, and equipped selected Indonesian police teams, which then engaged in semi-clandestine people smuggling disruption activities using phoney people smugglers like Kevin Enniss and Abu Quassey, under which these 353 asylum-seekers drowned. The deterrent message was thereby sent, and the boat people voyages stopped. The people smugglers have disappeared... So we go on fighting to alert Australian society to the truth of how 421 people were made to board SIEV-X at gunpoint and sent out to sea to drown... The official cover-up is stunningly wide-ranging. It involves many government agencies."

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