Wednesday, July 16, 2003

In Rebuff to U.S., India Says It Won't Send Troops to Iraq: "To send troops now — without knowing what they will be called on to do, how long they will have to stay, and when and how their task will be completed — would be to push many of them to a pointless death," [Prem Shankar] wrote. "Iraq has not been liberated, but invaded and occupied," he continued. "The Iraqis know it, resent it and are preparing to resist it. If India sends its troops to Iraq now it will be as part of an occupation force. Stabilization will mean oppression."

"Public opinion is sharply critical of the war," said Praful Bidwai, a prominent journalist. "It just doesn't make sense for Indian soldiers to be basically used as cannon fodder when the U.S. is getting bogged down and taking casualties."

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