Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Germany: No Nato troops in Iraq without UN: "A day after the U.S. Congress requested their president to seek NATO help in stabilizing Iraq, German politicians across the political spectrum set conditions. 'We can only discuss such thing if there is a demand by the United Nations,' said Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in a television interview Friday evening. The Social Democratic chancellor got not only support from within his government coalition, but from opposition politicians as well. "

"The Americans have borne the brunt of the casualties. Every day, new reports come out of attacks against U.S. soldiers... If reports are to be believed, the morale among the 146,000 soldiers currently stationed there is plunging. Costs are slowly getting out of control as well. American taxpayers are having to spend $3.9 billion a month to support the thousands of troops and equipment stationed in Iraq."

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