Thursday, January 09, 2003

US Congressman Slams Drug War, Hints at Legalization
"Please understand that you are not about to read a forceful, logical argument for legalization. Burton is obviously ill-informed on the issue of illegal drugs and isn't familiar with the arguments (and counter-arguments) for various forms of drug-law reform. His adversary in this impromptu debate, Tom Carr, is likewise clueless. His arguments for the current Prohibition range from muddled to absolutely absurd and surreal. Watching these two spar is embarrassing. Basically, this is a discussion between two half-wits. What's so vitally important, though, is that one of the half-wits is starting to wake up. He doesn't know what the answers are, and he doesn't even know how to phrase the questions, but he has realized that the current course of action is pathetically unworkable. Luckily, this half-wit is a powerful US Congressman, and he has aired his thoughts in a congressional hearing with cameras rolling."

I think The Memory Hole is a bit hard on the "halfwits"; its not quite that bad. I'm sure they understand a good deal more than they let on. And they are not going to change any policy until the demand comes from the public. Also "Legalisation" is the wrong word for necessary reform. You will always struggle to get people to support legalisation. Regulation, however - strict regulation and taxation - could achieve the goals of taking the profit out of drugs and restricting their promotion and usage.

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