Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Deutsche Welle reporting of Inspectors Report
"German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has said U.N. weapons inspectors must get the time they need to search Iraq, saying a preemptive military strike would be the triumph of the "law of the jungle". German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said the inspections helped reduce, if not eliminate, the threat Iraq posed, as well as contributing information about its arms. Russia's Ambasador to the United Nations Sergei Lavrov said UN weapons inspections must continue their work since the inspectors have neither proven nor disproven that Baghdad has weapons of mass destruction. Russia, France and China, have been insisting on a diplomatic solution to the standoff over Iraq's alleged arsenal of weapons of mass destruction."

Its instructive to compare Deutsche Welle to the Sydney Morning Herald, or probably to any US/UK/Australian corporate reporting. SMH for example gives prominence to US and UK reaction, with the effect that the case for war has been made. Deutsche Welle does the reverse.

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