Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Prime Minister Howard's case for War from October 2001
There is a lot to object to in Howard's case, but let's just consider the following:

"The fact remains however that the United States has invested enormous capital in trying to resolve that conflict. It has proven to be one of the few international players that has the weight and influence to help chart a path toward peace. And the region has been brought to the brink of peace. From the Madrid Conference, through the Oslo Agreements to the attempts at Camp David last year when Ehud Barak offered so much and brought his government and the Palestinian Authority so close to a resolution, the US has been in the thick of the negotiations. It is therefore a monstrous falsehood to blame a conflict so complex and heart wrenching, and one that occupied the world for a good part of the last century, on the United States."

All this is simply propaganda and disinformation, the essence of the dominant Zionist/US/Western/Media narrative. The facts are that it is the United States and Israel which have blocked the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict by consistently vetoing the two-state solution for the past 30 years. If Israel at any time offered to withdraw from the Occupied Territories, dismantle the settlements, and recognise a Palestinian state based on those territories the whole Arab world (except for extremists like Bin Laden) would sign on the spot and the conflict would be over.

"The Australian government agrees with the United States that the parties must return urgently to the negotiating table. A solution must be found which guarantees Israel's right to exist behind secure and recognised borders. At the same time, the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people to self determination need to be realised."

This sounds good but it is not specific enough. Australia must demand that Israel withdraw immediately from the Occupied Territories; dismantle all settlements on the Occupied Territories; and recognise a Palestinian State based on the Territories with a capital of East Jerusalem. Australia must also be offer to be among the first to recognise the Palestinian state; and offer to provide a degree of assistance towards establishing mutual security and other matters.

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