Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two Palestinians in Gaza Kidnapped By Israel before the capture of Israeli soldier: If you've been watching the corporate media (goddamit but its hard to avoid) the Israeli spokesmen have been demanding the release of the soldier every day but how much has been reported of the kidnapped Palestinians?

"Interestingly, the language used by the British media mirrors that used by the Israeli media. The words "retaliation", "escalation", "pressure", "kidnap" and "hostage" are all drawn from the lexicon of the Israeli press when talking about the Palestinians. The only Israeli term avoided in British coverage is the label "terrorists" for the Palestinian militants who attacked the army post near Gaza on 25 June. In other words, the British media have adopted the same terminology as Israeli media organisations, even though the latter proudly declare their role as cheerleading for their army against the Palestinian enemy."

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