Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gleen Greenwald post on redstate hatespeech: This is an all too typical example of degraded political discourse in the US. Hatespeech and violent political rhetoric are intrinsically dangerous and as such should be strongly and consistently condemned by every civilised person. But I remain to be convinced that the current manisfestations are anything other than political rhetoric.

One of the features of Hitler's rise to power was that the whole effort was dedicated from the outset to establishing a dictatorship led by Hitler himself - party, SA, SS, stormtroopers, streetfighters, propaganda, everything. Surely Rove & co cannot seriously be entertaining overtfascism. They can exploit this kind of nasty rhetoric for political purposes but it may leave them nowhere to go in the end. Or could there be a stumbling and accidental descent into fully-fledged fascism?

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