Monday, July 03, 2006

Karzai: Revealed, Reviled, Orphaned, and at Bay - by Bahlol Lohdi: Article on the slow and probably unstoppable disintegration of the Afghan occupation, with a focus on Karzai, "an incompetent foreign puppet of no intellect, and totally corrupt."

Of note is a remarkable incident involving Cheney:

"The first overt sign of the changed circumstances in Afghanistan became apparent when Cheney visited Kabul to participate in the inauguration of Afghanistan's "first freely elected parliament." As Cheney's motorcade approached the parliament compound, the guards allowed his car to pass but firmly closed the gates in the face of the rest of his entourage. All of Cheney's staff members, men and women, were forced to disembark, made to face the wall, and enthusiastically body-searched. The situation turned more tense and ugly when the guards insisted on rummaging through the military aide's brief case, which contained the codes for unleashing a nuclear war. Fortunately, after a brief tussle, the Afghan security detail relented and Cheney's staff was allowed to enter the bastion of Afghan democracy. Surprisingly, the American media ignored this unprecedented and grossly insulting behavior toward the vice president of the United States."

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