Friday, February 03, 2006

Former ADF head issues warning over US alliance.: "A former chief of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), retired Admiral Chris Barrie, has delivered a grim prediction on the state of Australia's defence alliance with the United States. He says in future, the majority of an untrusting Australian community will end up resenting the alliance.

"Giving the keynote speech at a Pacific Maritime Conference in Sydney, the retired admiral's scathing assessment of the ANZUS security pact included a prediction that in the next 50 years it would deliver very little of substance. "It's interesting when you wander around the Australian community today and ask that question," he said.

"I know that things are going to change, I know that politics in the United States invariably swings from one side to the other but I think ordinary Australians are making some serious questions about these things."

Former ADF chief Cosgrove wants out of Iraq and now his predecessor Barrie wants out of the US 'alliance' altogether. How long will it take for the politicians to catch up? The 'alliance' is worse than useless - it has dragged us into the US imperial Middle East war which has only increased the risk of terrorist attack against Australia and Australians. We would be safer if we didnt have a military at all, or at least one that the US couldn't find useful for it's own purposes.

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