Thursday, February 16, 2006

Attacking Iran should be an option: Britain's Tories: "'Every pressure must be brought,' [Tory Defence spokesman] Fox was quoted as saying in a speech to the right-wing Hermitage Foundation Thursday. 'But it was wrong for the European Union's foreign affairs spokesman Xavier Solana to rule out the use of force. It is wrong for Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, to echo him. 'Frederick the Great once observed that diplomacy without arms was like music without instruments. We must keep all options open if we are to stand any chance of a diplomatic solution to the Iranian crisis.'"

I've been calling repeatedly for Tony Blair to be arrested as a war criminal over the Iraq war. But what is one to do with half-witted Tories who want to start a war against Iran?

At least he didn't quote Hitler for diplomatic advice. In civilised countries, the waging or threatening of aggressive war against other countries is a supreme crime; and the purpose of diplomacy is to prevent war breaking out, or to bring conflict to an end as quickly as possible.

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