Thursday, April 01, 2004

Iraqi mob mutilates foreigners' bodies: "By late last night Sydney time not even the usually lurid Arab networks were prepared to run the stomach-churning footage shot at the scene - cheering crowds dancing around and on the charred four-wheel-drives, as others tied some of the bleeding bodies to a vehicle, dragging them through the streets before others savaged them with blows from what appeared to be steel bars, hanging body parts from poles in the street. And in a separate, but possibly co-ordinated, attack five US soldiers died when a bomb exploded under their vehicle in the town of Malahma, just 20 kilometres north-west of Falluja."

"The mutilation happened after gunmen opened fire on two vehicles, believed to be the kind used by US special forces and CIA operatives working in Iraq. Early reports differed on the number of dead - some said four, others six - but the dangling of military-style "dogtags" for the TV cameras suggested that the dead were members of the US security forces. Television footage showed jubilant locals stoning the bodies, some of whom appeared to be wearing flak jackets."

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