Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bush & Blair: The Duo of Doublethink: "Behold the comedy of the president's declaration that 'our coalition has no interest in occupation'. Or the prime minister's insistence that no 'outside' forces will be allowed to determine Iraq's future - as if the US and British armies are not outside forces doing precisely that. These are examples of doublethink to rival Bremer's exquisite remark to an American interviewer earlier this month that the Iraqi resistance is made up of people who 'think that power in Iraq should come out of the barrel of a gun. That's intolerable and we will deal with it'. (Where does the coalition's power flow from, if not the barrel of a gun?)... Witness Blair's assertion that "we have been involving the UN throughout" - when the one thing everyone knows about this war is that it was waged without the involvement or backing of the UN... With a straight face, Bush turned to the Israel-Palestine conflict and declared that "we're not going to prejudge the final status discussions" - even though not 48 hours earlier he had stood next to Ariel Sharon and done exactly that."

Blair is the Peter Foster of world politics - nothing but a conman, who believes whatever he is saying at the time he is saying it. For the rest of the world its colossal lying, which surely must fall apart sooner or later.

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