Thursday, April 15, 2004

Check the Facts Before Rushing to War: "After a year of fighting in Iraq and an occupation fraught with violence, surely it is not rash to suggest, given the debacle over missing 'weapons of mass destruction,' that it is a good general rule to treat any official rationale for war with skepticism... Another suggested principle: When a calamity occurs - such as the killing of soldiers on the Mexican border, or the sinking of the battleship Maine, or the blowing up of the Twin Towers, should Congress, the media and the public not be wary that the calamity might be made an excuse for going to war, with the real reasons concealed from the country? ... When the evidence for war is shaky, should we not ask: What is the real reason for military intervention?"

You can learn this kind of lesson any day of the week in any library or history book. But when you step out of the home or study into the real world you find it awash with state/political lies, and what's more, any number of people, including educated people, who apparently believe them.

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