Saturday, March 13, 2004

Purported al-Qaida statement: "The death squad (of the Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades) succeeded in penetrating the crusader European depths and striking one of the pillars of the crusader alliance - Spain - with a painful blow. These bomb attacks were part of settling old scores with the crusader Spain for its war against Islam. Where is America to protect you today, Aznar. Who is going to protect you, Britain, Italy, Japan and other hirelings from us?

"When we hit Italian troops in Nasirya (Iraq) and sent you and other hirelings a warning to withdraw from the alliance against Islam, you did not comprehend our warning – now we have made it clear - we hope that it will be understood this time. We in Abu Hafs al-Masri did not feel sad for the death of the so-called civilians. Is it lawful for them to kill our children, women, elderly and men in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Kashmir, and is unlawful for us to kill them back?"

"Stop targeting us, release our prisoners, and leave our land, we will stop attacking you. The people of US allied countries have to put pressure on their governments to immediately end their alliance with the US in the war against terror (Islam). If you persist we will also continue… We want to tell you that the Death Smoke squad will reach you soon, and then you will see your dead in their thousands – God willing… This is a warning… We would like to announce to all Muslims in the world that 90% of the preparations of operation "wind of black death" designed to be performed in America has finished, and will be performed soon God willing (at the Mujahideen's convenience). Believers will celebrate the victory of God. Warning to the nation:- Avoid being close to the civil and military installations of America and its allies."

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