Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spanish demonstration against Iraq occupation on anniversary of 15 Feb: "Some 200,000 demonstrators took to the street across Spain on Sunday, protesting the occupation of Iraq by US-led forces and demanding an immediate military withdrawal and the return of sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

"The demonstration, organized by trade unions and several social organizations, came eleven months after the US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq and ousted former president Saddam Hussein. Italso marked the anniversary of last year's massive anti-war demonstration in Madrid and Barcelona. Some 150,000 people, according to the organizer, participated in the demonstration in Madrid, capital city of the country, localmedia Europa Press said. Carrying such banners as 'USA Out' and 'No War, No Occupation,'the demonstrators urged foreign troops, including the Spanish ones,to withdraw from Iraq. Demonstrators also gathered in other major cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Seville as well as smaller towns."

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